Crown hair piece,very light blonde.
Short , straight and dark golden .100%HHG synthetic.
SPICE UP VOLUME MIST 8.45oz by Shinbi
Wave Style Spice Water 6.76oz by shinbi
"HOT SETTER" Hot Curlers - Creates Curls & Volume
5X Head Lice Magnifier
Activator 4oz
Active Balance 1 Liter
Active conditioner spray
Active creme lotion by Chenice
Andis Ceramic Styler: includes 3 attachments (NEW)
Andis Ultra BLow Dryer
Andis® Professional 1875 Ceramic Ionic with Exclusive Black Chrome Finish
Animal Print
Animal Print Shirred cap
Anti-age treatment--12vials pack
Anti-yellow creme peroxide 16 oz
Apricot Sherbet
Aqua Control #2 1 liter
Aqua Control #3 1kg
Aqua Control 250g
Ash Beige Blonde 8B
Ash Natural Blonde 7.01
Aubrun Brillant Brown 4.62
Auburn Brillant Blonde 7.62
Babyliss Pro
Babyliss Pro Ceramic Straighening
Barber Tools
Basal peeling gel 175g
Baybliss Pro Hair Dryer 1875 Watts
Bed bug spray 22 0z
Bed Bug Travel Spray 2 0z
Beige Blonde 7/32
Bi-Beye Bed bug spray 8 0z
Black 1
Black 1.00
Black curly and long with partial skin top. 100% HHG synthetic. $2000
Black long length, straight. 18in clip on piece.
Black with highlights clip on hair piece. 100% HHG synthetic.
Bleach powder plus by Chenice
Blonde 7
Blonde Beige Super Platinum 11.13
Blonde with chunky highlight, medium long straight. 100% Partial skin top. Toyokalon.
Blonde with highlights, long length.
Blonding Cream 0.00
Blonding Cream 0.00
Blowmake essence 4.2oz by shinbi
Blowmake Essence Smooth 4.2oz Shinbi
Blue 0.88
Blue Black 1.1
Blue Black 2.80
Boce conditioner CS
Boce conditioner MC by Shinbi
Boce Repair Keep SR 120g
Boce Shampoo CC 250g by shinbi
Boce shampoo CS by Shinbi
boce shampoo MC by milbon
Boce Shampoo SE 240ml by milbon
Boce Shampoo SS 240ml by shinbi
Boce Ss treatment 250g by shinbi
Boce Treatment CC 250g
Boce Treatment SE 250g by shinbi
Boce Wave Fantasista Due set 13.6oz
Boce Wave Fantasista Quattro Set 13.6oz
Boce Wave Fantasista Tre Set 13.6oz
Boce wavy appear 6.8 oz by Shinbi
Boce Wavy Emulsion 250g by shinbi
Boce wavy softner 6.8oz by Shinbi
Brillant Brown 4.2
Brown 4
brown headcover with scrunch design
Bube Gel 270g by shinbi
Bube moist essence leave in treatment 1.68oz by shinbi
Bube Wax Soft 40g
Bube Wax Super Hard 40g
Calming Cleanse Delousing Shampoo & Conditioner With Comb
Calming Cleanse Delousing Conditioner
Calming Cleanse Delousing Conditioner - 12 pkg
Calming Cleanse Delousing Shampoo
Calming Cleanse Delousing Shampoo -12 pkg
Calming Cleanser kit
Cascade of circles
Chemical nutralizing shampoo
Chemically/ Coarse hair
Chemotherapy Prothesis
Chenice Accessories
chenice color eraser conditioner
chenice color eraser kit (tube)
Chenice Flat iron
Chenice Hair dryer
Chenice leatherette backpack
Chenice Shape It 100ml
Chenice stylist satchel
Chenice Sweatshirt
Chenice T-shirt
Clarifying shampoo
Clay Esthe Essence 4.1oz
Clay Esthe Reshtive Pack 300g
Clay Esthe Reshtive Shampoo 330ml
Clay esthe spagel warm 5oz
Clear Carpet & Furniture
Clip on hair piece, light blonde. 12in. $1000.00
Clip on hair piece. Light blonde with lowlights 18in long. HHG synthetic.
Clip ons
Coarse / Dry Hair
Colla Zen Care Miracle treatment Premium + SIlk Sericin 320ml
Colla Zen Care Shampoo 10.82oz
Colla ZenCare Hair Pack 8.45oz
Color accelerator (24 pices)
Color Book
Color cape
Color stain remover
Color Treated/Permed Hair
Colored/Processed Hair
Combination #1 1liter
Combination #2 1 liter
CONAIR PRO CLIPS - Curl and Wave Professional
conair pro plimatic trimmer
Conditioner for thick hair
Conditioners for all types of hair
Copper Auburn Blonde 7.46
Copper Brown 4.4
Cosmetic Curl #2 Neutralizer 1000ml
Cosmetic Curl #2 oxi Neutralizer 500ml
Cosmetic Curl H #1 Hard 400ml
Cosmetic Curl H Plus #1 (Healthy) 400ml
Cosmetic Curl N #1 Normal 400ml
Create Great Curls (new)
Crede FT Shampoo by milbon
Crown hair piece Medium chestnut. $1500
Crown hair piece, Medium blonde with highlights. Very extra long.
Crystal wash shampoo
Curling Irons
Curly Hair
Curly Hair Conditioners
Curved Plates Straightening Iron with Ceramic Plates
Daily Boom Conditioner 8oz by keratin Science
Daily Boom Shampoo 8oz by keratin science
Daily Leave - in Conditioner 8oz by Keratin Science
Dandruff/Dry Scalp
Dark Ash Blonde 6.10
Dark Ash Natural Blonde 6.01
Dark Ash Natural Brown 4.01
Dark Aurburn Blonde 6.66
Dark Aurburn Brown 3.66
Dark Beige Blonde 6/32
Dark Beige Blonde 6/32
Dark Blonde 6
Dark Blonde 6.00
dark blonde with higlights clip on piece. 12in 100% human hair.
Dark Brown 3
Dark Brown 3.00
dark brown long - curly 18in- 100% human hair. $1600
Dark Cooper Golden Blonde 6.43
Dark Copper Blonde 6.4
Dark Copper Blonde 6.40
Dark Gold Copper Blonde 6.34
Dark Golden Blonde 6.3
Dark Golden Brown 6.30
Dark Grey
Dark Intense Blonde 6.77
Dark Intense Golden Blonde 6.33
Dark Intense Red Blonde 6.66
Dark Intensive Natural Blonde 6/77
Dark Mahogany Blonde 6.5
Dark Red Blonde 6.6
dark rich brown, long length, wavy texture
Dark Tobacco Brown 6.23
Dark Violet Blonde 6.2
Dark Warm Green Blonde 6YG
Darkest Brown 2
Darkest Brown 2.00
Darkest Copper Mahogany 6.45
Darkest Violet Brown 2.2
Deep heather 5.75
Deer Tick Repellent Spray
Deesses Color Shampoo by milbon
Defender Personal Helmet Liner Spray
Demetalizer 1 liter
Denim Abstract
Design Athlete Shampoo 6.3oz
Design Athlete Treatment 6.3oz by Shinbi
Design Athlete X Grease (soft) 110g by Shinbi
Design Athlete X Grease(hard) by Shinbi
Design Athlete X Wax (hard) 110g by shinbi
Design Athlete X Wax (soft) 110g by Shinbi
Design Direct for Wave 400ml Tight Curl
Design on Taupe
Designing Gel by Chenice
Diane Hunter New Era Thermal Ceramic Flat Iron
Diane Hunter Professional Thermal Ceramic Flat Iron 200watts
Diane Hunter Thermal Ion II Ceramic Iron 200watts
diffuser-curl dry
Digital/Titanium Flat Iron
Dry Wax By Shinbi
Dry Wax Hard 1.6OZ
Efficace #1 50ml
Efficace #2 13.5oz
Efficace #3 13.5oz
elite average short glazed hazelnut
Enzo Milano 1inch barrel
Ept Elasmin 13.5oz
Equalizer #1 10.1oz
Equalizer #2 10.1oz
Equalizer #3 10.1oz
Equalizer #4 10.1oz
ER Crede Treatment by milbon
Extention Color Ring
Extra Light Golden Blonde 10.13
Extra Light Golden Blonde 9.30
Extreme Ash Blonde 12.111
Ez Go
Ez Go Ring 14" Wavy
Ez Go Ring 14" Curly
Ez Go Ring 14" Straight
Ez Go Ring 18" Curly
Ez go Ring 18" Straight
Ez Go Ring 18" Wavy
Fantasy Island
fascination average Chestnut, Long length with layers and bangs
FHI Ionic Iron
Fierli Shampoo by milbon
Fierli Treatment by Milbon
Fine/Limp Hair
Fine/Limp Hair
Finish Straight Shampoo 300ml by shinbi
Finish Straight Treatment 240g by shinbi
Flat Iron Wet to dry w adj temp up to 220C FREE SHIPPING
Flat Irons
formimg Sculpting glaze
Forming lacquer by Chenice
Foundation Gel 1.4oz by Shinbi
Free Sample
Fresh Clean Leave-in Conditioner
Fresh Clean Leave-in Conditioner 12pk
Garden & Leapord
Gentle shampoo 12oz
Gentle Shampoo 13.5oz by shinbi
Gentle treatment 8.8oz
Glazed Caramel medium length. adjustable straps.
Gloss Water 1 liter
Gold 0.33
Gold N Hot ceramic 2" Spring Iron
gold n hot ceramic iron 1"
Golden Blonde 7.3
Golden Brown 4.3
graphic traffic champange silk head cover
Grey Abstract
grey oxicreme by chenice
Hair Blow Dryer ULTRA 1875 BLUE
Hair Brushes
Hair Clip Human Hair Extensions 14"
hair extentions Curly
Hair extentions wavey
Hair extnetions stright
Hair Intergration
Hair Repair
Hair separtor
Hair/Scalp Treatments
Hairpiece strawberry blonde w highlights. Long length, curly. Partial skin top 100% synthetic. HP1400.
Head Covers
Head Lice Reseller Kit 6-pack
Head Lice Tweezers
Headband hairpiece. 18' dark brown
Healthy Hair Squared Conditioner 8oz keratin science
Healthy Hair Squared shampoo 8 oz
Helmet Klear 22oz
Helmet Klear 22oz 4pk
Helmet Klear 22oz- 12pk
Herbal masque
Hi Poffy 30ml by shinbi
Home Head Lice Help
Hot Setter 05 Travel Set
Hot Tools 1-1/2 inch Flat Iron & Curling Iron 170watts
Hot Tools Combo 1-1/2 inch Flat Iron & Curling Iron
Hot Tools Flocked rollers 1 & 3/4 inches.
Hot Tools Professional Flat Iron 170watts
Hot Tools Professional Mini Flat Iron 85watts
Hydrokeratin Shampoo
I - Pro Slik Stik MIni
I Fix line
I.D. Care Amino Pure Shampoo 300ml by shinbi
I.D. Care Amino Pure Treatment 240g by shinbi
ID Care Acid Color Shampoo 10.16oz by shinbi
ID Care Acid Color Treatment 7.04oz
ID Care Hair Color Shampoo 10.16oz by shinbi
ID Care Haircolor Treatment 7.04oz
Id care heat silk lotion 6.76oz by shinbi
Ilash extension kit
ilash extensions glue
Ilash extensions remover
Inner Reset 400ml
Inner Reset Bn/Bh 230g
Inner reset EX-K 150g
Inphenom Conditoner
Inphenom Homecare by milbon
Inphenom Mist 5.1oz
Inphenom Shampoo
Inphenom Shampoo 8.5oz
Inphenom Styling
Inphenom Treatment 8.8oz
Intense Copper Blonde 7.44
Intensive Auburn Blonde 7.66
Intent conditioner
Interlock Shampoo 500ml by shinbi
Interlock Treatment 500g
Ion Baby Traveler Hairdryer 700 watts
Jell Perm Set 14.1oz
jet black long straight
K&K flat iron
K12 Conditioner by keratin science
Kerabond Leve -in
Kerabond line
Kerabond line display
Kerabond mask
Keratin K12 Conditioner 8oz
keratin k14 shampoo 8oz
Keratin NY-K 13.5oz
Keratin pillers
Keratin Science
Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner Package 8oz
Keratine Wave Perm 420ml
Kertin bonding hair extensions
Kertin bonding kit
Kertin heaters
Kertin intensive care system
Kertin pellet
Kresso Ionic 3/4" curling iron
L'Oreal Nature Therapy Oil 5oz
Largo Calot 5.3oz by Shinbi
LCS brochure
Leave in Treatments
Lemonate 1 liter
Lice Bagger
Lice Clear Carpet & Furniture Spray
Lice Gloves
Lice Lab Coat
Lice Lock Head Lice Removal Tool
Lice Safe Defender
Lice Safe 2oz Defender A.S. series
Lice Safe Airport Reseller Kit 2oz/6pc
Lice Safe Defender - 12 pkg
Lice Safe Defender - 6 pkg
Lice Safe Defender Reseller Kit 16 pkg
Lice Safe Defender With Comb
Lice Safe Kits
Lice Safe Package Basic
Lice Safe Products
Lice Safe Washing Detergent 32 oz
Lice Shoe Coverall
Lice Tweeze
Lice Viewer 5X Doppler
Lice Wand for Head Lice
Lice Wash Laundry Detergent
Light warm chestnut, straight long length. 100% human hair.
Light Ash Blonde 8.10
Light Ash Natural Blonde 8.01
Light Ash Natural Brown 5.01
Light Auburn Brown 5.66
Light Beige Blonde 8/32
Light blonde 18in clip on. 100% human hair.
Light Blonde 8
Light Blonde 8.00
light blonde w/ highlights and lowlights
light blonde, curly, hair extension 18in. 100% human hair.
Light Brown 5
Light Brown 5
Light Brown 5.00
Light Cooper Golden Blonde 8.43
LIght Cooper Golden Brown 5.43
Light Copper Blonde 8.4
Light Copper Blonde 8.40
Light Copper Brown 5.4
Light Copper Brown 5.40
Light Copper Mahogany 5.45
Light Gold Copper Blonde 8.34
Light Golden Blonde 8.30
Light Golden Blonde 8.3
Light Golden Brown 5.3
Light Golden Brown 5.30
Light Golden Brown 5.33
Light Intense Blonde 5.77
Light Intense Golden Blonde 8.33
Light Intense Mahogany Brown 5.55
Light Intensive Ash Blonde 6/71
Light Intensive Brown 55/0
Light Intensive Light Violet Brown 55/66
Light Intensive Natural Brown 5/07
Light Intensive Violet Brown 55/46
Light Mahogany Auburn Brown 5.56
Light Mahogany Brillant Blonde 8.52
Light Mahogany Brown 5.5
Light Red Brown 5.6
Light Smoother 5 oz by shinbi
Light Tobacco Brown 5.23
Light Violet Brown 5.2
Light Warm Golden Blonde 8.33
Light Warm Green Blonde 8YG
Lightest Warm Golden Blonde 9.33
liposome conditoning controller
Liposome cure system
Liposome Dispenser
Liposome hair color
Liposome hair relaxer
liposome hair relaxer plus
Liposome highlift highlight
Liposome Perm
Liposome ready color
Liposome Trendy Color
Liscio Crystal 4.1oz by milbon
Liscio Essence 6.6oz by Shinbi
Long length with bangs, strawberry blonde with highllights and lowlights.
Long length with headband in light ash blonde. 18in.
Long strawberry blondde. 100% Modi. Partial skin top.
Lusia Big Rods 1 inch (5pc)
Magic Move Hard 1.7oz by shinbi
Magic move soft 4.2OZ by Shinbi
Mahogany Brown 4.5
Mason Pearson
Medium Aurburn Blonde 7.66
Medium Aurburn Brown 4.66
Medium Beige Blonde 7BB
Medium Blonde 7.00
medium blonde w/ highlights, long and curly
Medium blonde with highlights. medium length with bangs. Partial skin top. 100% HHG synthetic.
Medium Brown 4.00
medium brown with dark blond highlights. Medium length, wavy. Partial skin top. 100% HHG synthetic.
medium brown with highlights, Long straight hair with bangs. Partial skin top. 100% HHG synthetic. $1300
Medium Cooper Blonde 7.40
Medium Cooper Golden Blonde 7.43
Medium Cooper Mahogany 7.45
Medium Copper Blonde 7.4
Medium Copper Brown 4.40
Medium Copper Golden Browm 4.43
Medium Copper Red Blonde 7/4
medium dark blonde hair with bangs. 100 HHG synthetic. Partial skin top.
Medium Gold Copper Blonde 7.34
Medium golden blonde w highlights. short length wavy. 100% synthetic. HP 1400.
Medium Golden brown 4.30
Medium Golden Brown 7.30
Medium Intense Blonde 7.77
Medium Intense Golden Blonde 7.33
Medium Intensive Natural Blonde 7/07
Medium legth with long layers in chocolate brown.
Medium lenght, straight, very light blonde highlights dark blonde base. Partial skin top.100% synthetic. HP 1400
Medium length , layers and bangs. Hazelnut with highlights. 100% HHG synthetic. $550.00
Medium length Blonde with bangs.
Medium length sugar cookie hair piece. 100% human hair.
Medium Length wavy blond wig
Medium length with layering in medium chocolate brown.
Medium Light Beige Blonde 9B
Medium Mahogany Blonde 7.5
Medium tense Brown 4.77
Medium to long legnth straigh with bangs in dark chocolate brown.
Medium to long length with long layers and bangs in dark blong with higlights. Partial skin top. 100% HHG synthetic.
medium, reddish blonde short & wavy
Meglio Herb Ex gloss 50g
Meglio Herb Ex Mat 50g
Meros Color Keep 8.8oz
Meros Enrich 8.8oz
Meros Protein Condi 8.8oz
Milbon Conditioner
MIlbon Scalp or Hair Treatment
Milbon Shampoo
Milbon Smooth Shampoo Medium Hair 6.8oz
Milbon Straighteners/ Liscio Supporting Products
Milbon Styling Products
Mixed Chicks
Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner
Mixed Chicks Hair silk 1.7oz
Mixed Chicks Leave in conditioner
Mixed Chicks Shampoo
MJ Essence 40ml
MJ Milk 1.34oz
MOD Color
Molding Gel by Chenice
Molding wax
Molto Bene
Molto Bene Clay Esthe Shampoo 33.9oz
Molto Bene Clay Esthe Shampoo 33.9oz by shinbi
MoltoBene Clay Esthe Pack Conditioner
MoltoBene Clay Esthe Pack Conditioner
Moroccan oil hydrating mask
Moroccan oil treatment 3.4 fl oz
Moroccanoil Styling
Moroccanoil Conditioner
Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream 10.20Z
Mosquito Repellant Spray
multi color small circle design
Multi color swirl design head cover
multi spec headcover with bow
Multivitamin oil
Nail Tip
Nature's Therapy Mega Sleek Oil 4oz
Neo Leaf Hair Tonic 8.1oz
Neutral 0.0.0
Nigelle Ax A+ Conditioner 8.50z by Milbon
Nigelle Ax B+ treatment 8.5oz By Milbon
Nigelle AX S conditioner 8.5oz by milbon
Nigelle AX A conditioner 8.5oz by milbon
Nigelle AX A shampoo 8.1oz by milbon
Nigelle AX B Conditioner 8.5oz by Milbon
Nigelle AX B Shampoo 8.1oz by milbon
Nigelle AX S Shampoo 8.1oz by milbon
Nigelle Conditioner
Nigelle Conditioner
Nigelle Conditioner
Nigelle Contrastmove Wax 1.4oz by Milbon
Nigelle DS (Fluffy Feel) Treatment by milbon
Nigelle DS (Tender Feel) Treatment
Nigelle DS FF conditioner 10.6oz by milbon
Nigelle DS Tf Conditioner 10.6oz
Nigelle Er conditoner 8.50z by milbon
Nigelle Er shampoo 8.1oz
Nigelle Er Shampoo 8.1oz by milbon
Nigelle Extramove Wax 1.4oz by Milbon
Nigelle LX Conditioner 8.5oz
Nigelle Lx Nourishment 5.4oz
Nigelle Lx shampoo 8.1oz
Nigelle Rx cream 3.5oz by milbon
Nigelle Rx fluid 3.40z by milbon
Nigelle Rx Lotion 3.4 oz by milbon
Nigelle Rx serum 3.4oz by milbon
Nigelle Shampoo
Nigelle Shampoo
Nigelle Styling Products
Nigelle Styling Products
Nigelle Surge Milk 3.4oz milbon
Nigelle Texture Clay 2.1oz by Milbon
Normal Hair
Nourishes Scalp
Nutritive shampoo
nylon wave nets
Off white scrunch design head cover
Options Ultra Body Shampoo 13.5oz by faremsi
orange 0.43
Orchid Island head cover
Overprocessed Damaged Hair
Oxicreme 10vol 32oz
Oxicreme 20vol 32oz by chenice
Oxicreme 30vol 32oz
Oxicreme 40vol 32oz
Paddle Brushes
Paradox mousse gel by chenice 9 fl oz
Paradox mousse- gel by Chenice
Pastel Circles
Permanent Color
Pink Garden
Pink Paisely
Plastic Capes (30 pices)
Platinum Ash Blonde 11.1
Platinum Blonde 10
Platnium Pearl Blonde 11.12
Polo Long sleeve shirt
Polo short sleeve shirt
Power shine by chenice
PPT Collagen and Keratin Treatment
Ppt do shampoo 190ml by shinbi
Ppt Do Shampoo by shinbi
Ppt do silky conditioner by shinbi
Ppt do velvety conditioner by Shinbi
Ppt-Do Wave Perm 13.5oz (Red Set)
Ppt-Do Wave Perm 13.5oz (Purple Set)
Ppt-Do Wave Xavie Perm 400ml cys/tg
Ppt-Do Wave Xavie Perm Cys 400ml
Ppt-Do Wave Xavie perm Tg 400ml
Ppt-Do Wave Xavie Perm Tg/Cys 400ml
Pre - I Tipped 20" Straight Count- 50
Pre- tipped ( I tipped) 14" Straight- 10 Count
Pre- Tipped (I Tipped) 20" Wavy
Pre- tipped (I-tipped) 14" Wavy- 10 Count
Pre- tipped (I-tipped) 18" Straight
Pre- tipped (U tip) 14" Straight - 25 Count
Pre- tipped(Nail tip) 18" Straight- 10 Count
Pre-Care 1000ml
Pre-tip (U-tip) 18" Wavy- 25 Count
Pre-tipped (I-tip) 18" Curly- 10 Count
Pre-tipped (I-tiped) 14" Curly- 10 Count
Pre-tipped (I-tipped) 18'' Wavy- 50 Count
Pre-tipped (Nail tip) 14" Curly - 10 Count
Pre-tipped (Nail tip) 14" Wavy- 10 Count
Pre-tipped (Nail tip) 14" Straight - 10 Count
Pre-tipped (Nail tip) 18" Curly- 25 Count
Pre-tipped (Nail tip) 18" Wavy- 10 count
Pre-tipped (U tip) 18" Curly- 25 Count
Pre-tipped (U- tip) 14" Curly - 25 count
Pre-tipped (U-tip) 14" Wavy- 25 Count
Pre-Tipped (u-tip) 18" straight - 25 count
Pre-tipped (U-tip) 18" Wavy - 25 Count
Prejume MIlk 1 3.9oz by milbon
Private Label Products
Pro Head Lice Kit with Lice Wand
Professional Bingo Care Color
Professional Chenice Hair Color
Professional Conditioner Products
Professional Eyelashes
Professional Hair & Scalp Treatments
Professional Hair Color
Professional Hair Color
Professional Hair Iron- Perger
Professional Shampoo Products
Professional Styling Products
Professional Styling Tools
Professional Vendors
Professional Wigs & Hair Extensions
Protective Lice Cap
Pure cedar oil 1.7
Pure moist vails 12 vials per pack
Pure sheen
Pure Silk
Purifying Shampoo
Purple circles
Purple Paisley
Ready Lice Prevention Conditioner
Ready Lice Prevention Conditioner - 12 pkg
Ready Lice Prevention Leave-in Conditioner 8oz
Ready Lice Prevention Shampoo
Ready Lice Prevention Shampoo - 12 pkg
Ready Lice Prevention Shampoo, Conditioner and Comb
Ready Repel Kit
Red 0.45
Red and gold corrector (24 pices)
Redy color
Refresh Clear Carpet & Furniture 8oz
Regal Shampoo
Regular weft 14" Curly
Regular weft 14" Wavy
Regular weft 18" Curly
Regular weft 18" Straight
Regular Weft 18" Wavy
Relaxer nutralizing shampoo
Remino Air Wax 50g
Remino Air Wax Plus 50g
Remino Styling Emulsion 10 Ultra Hard 48g by Shinbi
Remino Styling Emulsion 1 Float 48g by shinbi
Remino Styling Emulsion 7 Hard 48g by shinbi
Remino Styling Natural Wax 2.9oz
Repair complex
Ring weft
Ring Weft 14" Curly
Ring Weft 14" Wavy
Ring Weft 14" Straight
Ring Weft 18" Wavy
Ring Weft 18" Curly
Ring Weft 18" Straight
Rona Curl Rich 1000ml
Rona Cys 13.5oz
Root boster
Round Boar
Round Mixed
Royal Violets 148mL
Royal Violets Coloina in a Six Pack each 5 oz bttle
Salano Ion Technology blow dryer
salsa large
Salt & Pepper short style straight hair
Scalp Cleanser
Sebum shampoo
Shaping mist - aerosol 11oz
Shaping mist plus- aerosol
Shaping mud
Shaping Wax
Shaping Wax 2.54 oz
Shield 500ml
Shinbi Body Wave/Perm
Shinbi Conditioner
Shinbi Relaxer
Shinbi Scalp Cleanser and Nourishment
Shinbi Shampoo
Shinbi Skin Products
Shinbi Styling Products
Shinbi Treatments/Chemical Protection
Shining Straight Spice Water 6.76oz by Shinbi
Short and straight light blonde. 100%HHG synthetic.
Short curly very light blonde. 100% HHG synthetic. $90.00
Short light ash blonde.
Short light brown with highlights. 100% HHG synthetic. $225.00
Short light warm golden blonde.
Short medium brown. 100% human hair. adjustable straps.
Short platimum blonde
Short straight blonde with highlights. 100& human hair.
Short straight hair. Light blonde w highlights. Adjustable straps. 100% human hair.HP1400
Short to average length with layering in chocolate brown.
Short to Medium length vanilla swirl blonde
Short very layered spiked look medium brown chesnut
Short wavy gray. 100% HHG synthetic. adjustable straps.
Short, bangs with back flip, light brown. 100% HHG synthetic.
Short, curland deep gray. 100% human hair.
Short, wavy and very light blonde with highlights. 100% HHG synthetic.
Short, wavy, gray Hairpeice
Sierra Terrain
silky Luxe shampoo 6.8oz by milbon
Skatclay 4.2oz
Skin Clear 2.8oz
Skin Pack 0.8oz (24 capsules)
Skin Protector 50ml
Soft Autumn Chestnut 5.41
Soft Autumn Red 6.41
Soft Flame Red 7.41
Solano Sapphire 1-inch Flat Iron (Professional
Solano Sapphire Ceramic 1-3/8inch Flat Iron
Solano Sapphire Ceramic 2-1/4 inch Flat Iron
Solid Activity Caps
Sparkle Power
Special wig offer short dark brown chestnut
Special wig offer. Shimmer petite average R25 ginger blonde. HP 1400.
Special wig offer. short medium goolden blonde. HP 1400.
Spice shower 6oz by shinbi
Spice Cream Hard 35g By shinbi
Spice Cream Lame 35g by Shinbi
Spice Cream Shinning Straight by shinbi
Spice Cream Soft 35g by shinibi
Spice Cream Wave Style 35g by shinbi
Spice Form Mat 5.54oz by Shinbi
Spice Form Super 5.54oz by Shinbi
Spice Form Wax 5.54oz by shinbi
Spice Freeze 5.54oz by Shinbi
Spice Gloss Mist 8.45oz by Shinbi
Spice Moisture Mist 8.45oz by Shinbi
Spice Shower shining 5.54oz by shinbi
Spice sisters Freeze by shinbi
Spice tube gloss 3.5oz by Shinbi
Spice Tube Medium 100g by shinbi
Spice Tube Natural 100g by shinbi
Spice Tube W-hard 100g By shinbi
Spice Wax by shinbi
Srtight and shine
SS 2800 Tri-power white
Straight Hair
Straight short hair, lightest blonde with highlights
Straightened/Permed Hair
Strawberry blonde with highlights hair piece.Long wavy. 18'. $900.00
Strawberry bonde w/ highlights
Strawberry golden blonde with highlights. Long length 18in with bangs and wavy.
Styling paste 2.9oz
Styling Products
Sunset Pearl Red 8.41
Super Hold/ Molding by Milbon
Super Light Ash Blonde 10.1
Super Light Gold Blonde 11.3
Super Light Golden Blonde 10.3
Super Light Natural Blonde 11.00
Super Light Platnium Blonde 10.00
Super power hold spray- no gas
Supersalono Professional Hair Dryer 1800 watts
T/G Stop 50.7oz
Terax Shampoo
Theater Dept Spray
Thermal Effect Iron Cr
Three Pack of Royal Violets Colonia
Tifi cordless titanium clipper
Tobacco Blonde 7.23
Tobacco Brown 4.23
Tondeo Ecos Trimmer
Trendy color
Trendy color display
trendy color swatch ring
Tutti Frutti
V-Curl 13.5oz
Very Light Beige Blonde 9/32
Very Light Blonde 9
Very light blonde clip on hair piece. 12in. 100% human hair.
Very Light Copper Blonde 9.4
Very Light Gold Copper Blonde 9.34
Very Light Golden Blonde 9.3
Very Light Natural Ash Blonde 9.01
Very Light Warm Green Blonde 9YG
Vidal Sassoon Hair Dryer
Violet 0.66
Violet Shampoo by chenice
Volumizing mousse
Volumizing Spray gel 8.45oz by chenice
Wahl Peanut
Wahl Swivel
Warm Golden Blonde 7.33
Warm Green Blonde 7YG
Warm Heather 7.75
Wax 3 Texturize 3.2oz by milbon
Wax 5 hold 3.2oz by milbon
Wax 7 Spike 3.2oz By Milbon
Wet line
Whole Wefts
Willow luxe shampoo 6.8oz by milbon
X5 ceramic ionic iton
Zen Care
Zen Care Aqua Miracle Serum Repair Connection 150ml
Zen Care Aqua Miracle Wave Serum- Wave Connection 150ml
Zen Care Collagen Cpt Conditioner 500ml
Zen Care Collagen CPT Shampoo 500ml
Zen Care Legitime Deep Cleansing Shampoo 300g
Zen Care Legitime Rich Moisture Shampoo 300g
Zen Care Legitime Scalp air Tonic 200ml
Zen Care Premium Miracle Treatment 500ml